Wow! I didn't expect the article to be posted so soon on Whitedust and picked so fast by other news websites (currently I was hoping to get some time to update this website first, especially about the project's objectives change, and to finally redact a simple and clear explanation of hawKeye (and trust me that's really hard to do :). In the meantime, please excuse the unclearness and outofdate-ness of the current website. If you have any questions, or if you're interested in contributing to this project, for the moment the best is for you to come to our IRC channel: #hawKeye on; I am there under the nick of Kryczek.

hawKeye is a network monitor different from other similar opensource networking tools such as Ethereal or Ettercap in that it focuses on allowing direct visualization of content that was transmitted during the capture.

Imagine two computers sitting next to each other, one being used by a person to browse the Internet, the other one running hawKeye. The former would send and receive HTTP data through the network which the latter would intercept and convert back to webpages, images, animations... and display them just like the first computer would be displaying them.

hawKeye was born from the lack of such a tool in the opensource world and the need for it in network forensic analysis. Besides, we are developing hawKeye because of the challenge and the fun it represents, and we welcome everybody who is interested in contributing to this opensource project.

KDE was chosen as the target environment because it already provides pluggable components (called KParts) for most of the content that transits on a typical network nowadays. For example, by simply embedding KHTML (Konqueror's and Safari's common browser engine) it is possible to display web material.

Project development is currently paused so we can concentrate on designing a generic and portable C++ library which facilitates the handling of network protocols while being neither the client nor the server, hence called the Man-In-The-Middle library. Meanwhile, you can always come to our IRC channel: #hawKeye on, chat with us and see if you can help the project :-)