hawKeye is an opensource project to which several people from different countries have already contributed in terms of code, suggestions and/or support, and we hope with time more and more people will join!


Sebastien R. France project leader
Sivert Berg Norway developer
Laurent Decool France developer
Arnaud Vrac France developer
Alexandre Imbert France developer
Jani Pullinen Sweden developer
Matthieu Hans France developer
Florent Levrier France developer
Guillaume Chambert France developer
Rajendra Stalekar India developer
Murugan Kasirajan India developer
Chris Hemple United Kingdom developer
Girish Anantharaju United States developer
Sandeep Singh Kohli India developer
Giovanni Venturi Italy developer
Jimson Chalissery India developer
Rob J Meijer Netherlands developer
Michael Klingler United States developer
Matthew Gallizzi United States webmaster
Yannick Rui France developer
Nathaniel Felsen France developer

Special thanks

Tobias Anton Germany Konqueror developer
Sebastien Bombal France Security consultant
Michael Cohen Australia Ethereal developer
Martin Ellis United Kingdom Koffice developer
David Faure France Konqueror maintainer
Olivier Goffart Belgium Kopete developer
Adam Jackson United States X.Org developer
Zoran Karavla Yugoslavia KDE-artists graphist
Kevin Krammer Austria Konqueror developer