The project is not ready to be released yet, so there are no hawKeye packages to download here, but if you're interested in reading the source code (and maybe work on it), you can always check out the CVS repository:

Anonymous CVS access

Execute the following commands in a terminal; when prompted for a password, simply press the Enter key.

$ cvs login
$ cvs -z3 checkout -P hawkeye

If you prefer, you can browse our CVS repository via its web interface, but beware that it is a few hours late compared to what's really on the repository.

Developer CVS access

If you are part of the hawKeye development team, do not use the anonymous CVS access, but instead issue the following command in a terminal (USERNAME being your SourceForge username):

$ CVS_RSH=ssh cvs checkout hawkeye

Every now and then, to get the latest improvements in hawKeye, and each time before you do a commit, execute the following:

$ cvs update -d

And when you are sure your code works (and overall compiles) you can submit your changes to the repository by doing:

$ cvs commit

You will be asked to give a description of your improvements; please do it seriously.
If you cannot checkout or commit changes to the repository that way, contact us on IRC or by email.